In A Nutshell…

I realize that seeing this blog for the first time can be a bit intimidating.  As the writer and compiler of the articles,  I sometimes feel the pressure as well.  So, I thought that I would write a quick little summary of what American Christian Education entails and you can see my other articles, should you desire to delve more deeply.

American Christian Education is a belief (philosophy) that education should lead one to Christ.  It uses the Principle Approach (this is defined in the Methodology Page).  It produces an individual who is self governed.  “Self governed” articulates an individual who is able to be directed and controlled internally.  He is able to follow his conscience and do what is right because it is right and not because he is forced to comply.  The law is beautiful to a self governed person, but a terror to those that are not – See Romans 13.

American Christian Education not only deals with character, but with academics.  Below is listed the benefits of an American Christian Education:

1.  This unique philosophy and method considers every academic discipline as a reflection of the nature of God, and emphasizes the principles which enlight the student’s understanding and enables him to master his academic subjects.  This historic method of Biblical reasoning is built upon a recognition of the Providence of God in history and the Biblical principles of government upon which our nation was built.

2.  What makes American Christian Education so special and superior is that “…it is the philosophy of education which specifically aims to cultivate the art of self-government, or the art of Biblical reasoning in the individual…”

3.  American Christian education affords the training of individual reasoning in which one may come to his own correct conclusions in any given subject.

4.  Simple, uncomplicated principles and ideas to master – as opposed to having to master by rote and overwhelming amount of minute facts and information.

5.  Liberty for the individual to reflect, believe, and follow principles – as opposed to enslavement to the strict letter of imposed, formulated, standardized answers.

6.  Lessons are suited to one’s capacity; given an easy yoke to bear; one is not being given more than he can bear – as opposed to straining under a heavy burden of unreasonable compliance to an arbitrarily standardized load of work.

7.  An invaluable consequence of American Christian Education is the pupil’s acquiring the art of self-government or the skill of Biblical reasoning. When children are regularly exercised in their own ability to read and reason, to deduce principles from ideas, to draw inferences and correct conclusions, and then to articulate and write them, this then is the essence of original scholarship.

I trust that this brief overview of the benefits and characteristics of American Christian Education will encourage you to dive into study and lead you to new heights and deeper insight.

God bless you,

Joshua Vaughn

One thought on “In A Nutshell…

  1. Great summary of the Principle Approach and historic American Christian education. This is exactly the kind of education that Christian parents in America today need to, must, and should provide their children, and in the process, train their children to do the same for their children, so that we are discipling future generations to know, love, imitate, and perpetuate an obedient and faithful relationship with God.

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